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Chris and Gordon have woked together for many years, intially Chris working as a Qualified Accountant and Gordon working as a Chartered Banker working as a commercial bank manager. They collaborated on a number of deals and by working together always got the business the funding it needed.


There were always deals that Chris had to place elsewhere because although Gordon would want to do the deal he would have to adhere to the banks policies at that specific time, which might have meant that they didn't want to fund a specific industry or their pricing was a bit too high, which left Gordon frustrated.


So Chris and Gordon decided to work together to help businesses who need funding, they work together for the business not the funders which means they can help the businesss secure the best funding solution they can find  because it is right for the business not becasue they work for or are tied to the funders. Their combined backgrounds in accountancy and banking give them a unique ability to get the funding agreed.


They identify the best deal they can find, as close to the business requirements as possible, as quickly as possible and help secure that funding for the business with as little hassle for the directors as possible.


Chris and Gordon have secured funding from £10k up to £16 million but they are always happy to chat through any requirement even if its £100 million!. In addition to securing the funding required they have also saved individual businesses tens of thousands of pounds when they have used the restructuring service which has made a real difference to the business and the amount of profit it makes.

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